Luck happens when preparation meets
Fun is our fuel.


We are Good Luck Have Fun, a Stockholm based creative studio, specialized in brand strategies, packaging design and storytelling.

Through years of hard work, experience from a broad range of industries and customer insights, we know we need to keep our ear to the streets and our eye on the market to be able to tell you where the winds of prosperities are blowing. We have helped more than a few companies to see themselves through the eyes of the consumers and changed how they are perceived.

We are Good Luck Have Fun, a Stockholm based creative studio, founded in 2013. Through years of hard work and customer insight we dare to lift our finger to the sky and tell you where the winds of prosperity are blowing. Working with a broad range of industries we have found truths that guide us in building brands for the future. We are still young enough to believe that we can change the world, we are experienced enough to do so.

What we do


Brand strategies
Communication strategies
Content marketing strategies
Design strategies
Packaging strategies
Social media strategies


Concept development
Content creation


App design
Book design
Brand platforms
Concept development
Graphic design
Packaging design
Web design 

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How we do it
⫸⩥ Good Luck theory

Creating luck is a matter of preparation. Start with placing customer knowledge in the skillet, garnish with company insights, add a healthy amount of outside the box thinking, season with excellent timing and present it with love. 

We have been serving our clients fortune since 2013.

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⟡ Have fun process

Fun and play is vital for the creative process. Having fun is our main tool for delivering communication that affects, design that pops, and creating brands that move markets. From briefing to delivery we strive for having nothing but a happy and fun relationship with our clients. 

Working hard is easy when you’re having fun.


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Clients we love

Deo Doc
Hermine Hold
Nordic Tech House

Part PR
Pernod Richard
Story Relations
Start-up Stockholm
Ten Music Group
Umeå Universitet
Universal Music

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Get in touch

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Is there something we can do for you? Doubtless. Get in touch and luck and fun will most likely follow!

Your business needs a change or you are in the in the beginning of creating something amazing.

You’ve heard rumors in town about Good Luck Have Fun being a really great partner to work with.

You send an email to, take a sip of your lemon water* and waits for luck and fun to follow.**


*Or beverage of your choice. We are in the position to judge no one.
**You are more likely to experience the good luck have fun process than to win any lottery. Ever.