What entrepreneurs

– and other mortal people –

need to learn about branding


Every now and then, entrepreneurs come to us with a great idea and the conviction they have it all figured out - they just need a logo to go. Their spirit is always great, and these entrepreneurs have several things in common, but this is the most crucial one: thinking that someone else’s well deserved success easily can be copied. 

We cannot emphasize this enough:
result is not a strategy.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand the dream of becoming a unicorn, but having us design a logo that will look like the love child between Glossier and Byredo won’t turn your brand into a billion dollar horse. 

Because in a world where your (potential) customers can buy from whomever, wherever, whenever - why should they spend their greens on your brand? 

Entrepreneurs always have a quick answer to this, but the problem is that they rarely think about how they can create brand recognition in a sustainable way. The days when ”we” (company + agency) could dictate to the consumers what a brand is are over. Today – everything your brand says and does adds up to how your brand is perceived and where it's positioned in a vast landscape of both one trick ponies and proud stallions. Goodie-bags with a misplaced logo and social media ads with sloppy copy included. So if your brand promise doesn’t include home-made realism, those kind of things should never see the light of day.

The conclusion?

You need a brand strategy that is adapted to your business and market. Creating a logo that emphasize your brand values is most likely a part of that strategy, but if you don’t know which touching points to focus on you will have a really hard time to get brand recognition and become loved by your target audience. Your brand will never transform into a magic unicorn, instead you will see your market shares go to the competition and your dreams of fame and fortune will be nothing but a lonely donkey.

The cold truth is that branding costs, but the good news are that this is an investment and you’d be smart to do your homework before spending those bucks. 

To get you going, you can have a look at The Branding Investment Equation from Interbrand! It shows you how to build that business case you might need to get a budget and a go from the CEO or investors.

And when you've done your research and it's time to get started on that magic horse - give us a call! We will help you create that sparkling shine so you can ride off to the end of the rainbow.


<3 Hanna, CEO & Brand Strategist


5 ways to make money

from great
packaging design!

samlad header-01.jpg

Does your company sell physical products? Great! Then you have an amazing opportunity to create a strong desire for your brand, it’s products and increase your revenue. Don’t know where to start? We have listed 5 pointers that will get you on the right track! :)



People are everything

In the era of fast food, fast fashion and (urge for) fast solutions to complex problems – relationships still take time. And no matter if your target audience are Baby Boomers, Millennials or Gen Zs, they all have different expectations on companies. Decide who your brand is for, find out what’s important in their lives and answer the question on how you can create value for those people. In a fast world, this is still the best way for your brand to build meaningful relationships and get loyal customers that lasts over time. The big bonus is that this will also generate invaluable insights that you can include in the strategy when you will start developing fly-of-the-shelves-packaging for your brand!



Optimize for social media 

Your brand doesn’t have to be a cover girl, but if it doesn’t photograph well, it won’t be a fun experience to show off the products. It might sound vain, but if you want to compete in that social media feed, you better dress the part. Therefore, it’s important to understand if your packaging design should match an urban city life or look so nice that people want to save your packaging in their bookshelves. Explore the social media terrain and work out what would attract your customers!



Be more than just a “pretty face”

Most brands start out with a noble purpose and a great vision, the hard part is not to lose sight along the way. Remember that it is so much easier to keep people interested if you have something to say and are heading somewhere. People reward brands they can trust and want to buy in to that experience. So how can you both look good and do good, not only for your customers, but for the world? How your brand answers this will lay the foundation for great storytelling that you could show off on your packaging, speak about on your website and use to build a rich and meaningful social media feed!



Make the packaging a part of the brand experience

It can either mean that you create a full on unboxing experience, work with 100% recycled materials with a super smooth finish or design a never-seen-before-conceptual-box. Or maybe you should take a stand and put political messages on your packaging? The answer to which way to go is already clear if you did your homework and know what your brand stands and acts for. This will also be a really vigorous way to stand out from the competition and make more people discover your brand.



Great design justifies a higher price

Maybe you’ve heard the say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? We could actually translate that into packaging design! If you already have a great brand platform and amazing products, but are struggling to get the attention you deserve, it might be time to update that wardrobe. A new packaging design is an investment to appeal to new customers that looked past you before, and even though you need to spend a bit to make the switch into that new suit, the kick-back from that makeover is game changing. Just ask our clients for a confession on their ROI after working with us!


Feel inspired to get going but think that some help would be great?

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<3 Hanna, CEO & Brand Strategist