Work: Brand plattform, identity & packaging

Type: Beauty

CAIA Cosmetics


Brief // In 2018, Bianca Ingrosso brought her keen interest for make-up to the next level by launching her very own cosmetic brand together with long time friend and mentor Vanessa Lindblad. The goal was to create an uplifting and feminine brand that would not only produce high quality products but encourage young women in their every day life.


Solution // GLHF created brand plattform, graphic identity and packaging design. Our take on the brief was to use the sisterhood and empowerment that make-up can bring to young women, to create a solid brand experience that differs from it’s competitors in an overall generic industry. We created the simple but powerful #WEARECAIA, a concept that focuses more on the diversity among women and less on the lonely individual that so often is portraid in beauty. The design itself consists of a statement color that is constant throughout the identity and packaging, with a bold logo and clean graphics, using uplifting quotes to inspire the costumer.


Results // In less than 24h after revealing the new brand on Instagram, @caiacosmetics gained over 21k followers. The product launch is set to November 20th, success is expected to be confirmed…

Logotype for Caia Cosmetics - Design by GLHF Design Studio
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