Junior Graphic Designer

Position Full time, 6 months trial period
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Start Dec 2019/Jan 2020


What we’re looking for:

Are you the new member to our creative team? We think that you are curious, understand the importance of research, are organized and have an eye for details. Together with this, you are not afraid to pitch your ideas, are humble for feedback and most importantly -- eager to keep on learning. We do all our work in teams and always have a transparent process, so you need to be comfortable with showing stuff that is not finished, collaborate and take direction. We put a lot of pride in always delivering on a high standard and on time, therefore it’s important that you are efficient and know when to go that extra mile. Since we’re a small studio you need to have the power of intuition and to think one step ahead.

Some tasks that we’ll pay you to do
(besides the obvious graphic design parts):

  • Research

  • Presentations

  • Packaging design

  • Artwork production

  • Concept development

  • Find and get things for set design. Maybe spray paint them.

  • Hold stuff up during photo shoots

  • Workshops, participate and prepare them.

  • Dummy production

  • We’re a small studio, so you will be expected to help out wherever needed, as all of us do independent of position.

What you get:

At GLHF we work with clients in different fields — and so will you; from beauty to fintech to start-ups, so it’s super important that you are interested in different markets, products, services and the people who we intended to mesmerize with our work. Creating brand platforms, graphic identities, websites and packaging are some of the many things we spend our days doing and we priority to have a good life-work-balance. We offer a position to learn the creative business, explore creativity and grow into professionally.



  • Master in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

  • 1 year of work experience as a graphic designer.

  • At least 2 years of study in a relevant design education

  • Fluent in English (Swedish is not a requirement, though most of our client communication is in Swedish).

  • Good knowledge in typography, layout and readability

SOFTWARE THAT IS GOOD TO KNOW (but if you’re a quick learner, then that’s ok as well):

  • Keynote

  • Adobe After Effect, Premiere Pro, Lightroom

  • Power Point, Word


  • Sketch

  • Any 3D modeling software

  • Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript


Your application needs to include:

  • Resume/CV

  • Personal letter (Keep it short, keep it relevant ;)

  • Portfolio: PDF or website.


Please respect: Since we are a small studio running a tight ship, we wish you to understand that we will go through all applications when we have time and then get back to you. Promise :) We don’t have the capacity for ad hoc phone interviews or visits at the moment. 

Everything we do, we do for our clients. Posers should look for employment somewhere else.

Send your application to work@glhf.se no later than October 31.